As a decision maker, you are asked everyday to provide solutions for your client’s promotional needs. The Magic Towel is one of those unique products that just has to be tried.

Designed with the ability to impart any printed message on the towel, the recipient of the Magic Towel will experience a lasting impression as the towel expands and comes to life. The Magic Towel is an affordable product that can be given out at trade shows or sales meetings. It also has a practical use like a car wash cloth or an inexpensive patron gift.

The Magic Towel secret is simple. It just begs to be thrown into the water to see what it will do. It is that compelling urge, combined with your message, which makes this product Magical.

But its real appeal will be to develop your own designs which you can propose to your clients. Most importantly this will be the premium that they will not soon forget.

What is the Magic Towel?
Click here for 45 Second Video to find out!

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